Corporate Overview



The Muzamal Group of Companies is a wholly owned Malaysian company which specialises in the research, development and marketing of products for the medical devices sector. We supply hospitals, clinics and practitioners, as well as other bodies, with syringes, sutures and related products.

Our roots in the medical industry date back to 1998 when the company was founded by Muhayen and Zarah. They coined the name ‘Muzamal’ as a reminder that they must ‘amal’ (meaning adopt) good values in running the business. Since then, the Muzamal Group has expanded rapidly. By 2005 we were fulfilling almost 100% of the requirements for syringes in Malaysian government hospitals.

Market acceptance of our products has increased to such an extent that we now sell our products to other regions in central Asia and Europe. This wider range of customers now form the core users of our wide range of medical commodities, and we have the capacity to meet your requirements.

Our busy headquarters in Cheras, Malaysia is located 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. It is equipped with a modern internationally accredited factory, which has a 5000 square metre production area. The factory is one of the few in Malaysia adopting a Class 100k clean room, which we maintain to a high standard in accordance with the requirements of our internationally recognised quality accreditation including ISO and the CE mark. This ensures that you benefit from the good standards of safety and hygiene that are continually observed and adhered to.

We employ a large team in the areas of production, market research, customer services and quality control. Muzamal adopts a high level of values when it comes to staff training and development as well as quality assurance.

Mission Back to Top

Our mission for the Muzamal Group of Companies is, ‘To promote, strengthen and maintain brand loyalty amongst new and existing customers by meeting their stringent demands for quality products’.

Vision Back to Top

Our vision is, ‘To extend the market for our products and be recognised as a trusted, reliable and professional supplier of medical products at an international level’.

Values Back to Top

We believe that our commitment to consistently high quality products at competitive prices is what sets us apart. We maintain our high standards by adopting the following measures:

  • We utilise more than a decade of experience and knowledge in the industry to ensure that we meet the needs of the market
  • We continually refine our production methods to ensure the highest quality at competitive cost and are committed to continuous improvement
  • We are customer focused – we research the market thoroughly to determine our customers’ precise requirements
  • We train our staff in-house from the ground level upwards so that they are fully knowledgeable and proficient in our company’s methods and values
  • We have built up a strong rapport with medical professionals, which helps us to focus on customer views and requirements
  • We put all our products through a rigorous quality control procedure before they leave our factory – this is carried out using specific testing tools and equipment
  • We have a strong after sales service team that responds to any complaints within 24 hours

We work to maintain high standards and respond promptly to any complaints. These are handled by a group of staff who are specially trained in customer services. They are also from a technical background, which enables them to translate the needs of our customers into product improvement.